PhysioToolkit Binaries

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Pre-compiled binaries of some PhysioToolkit software are available here as a convenience to users. We permit but do not encourage redistribution of these binaries, since binaries do not readily allow users to understand or to verify their function, or to modify them to suit users' needs. If you redistribute binaries either obtained from PhysioNet, or compiled from sources available from PhysioNet, you must make the corresponding sources available at no more than a nominal charge for copying (see the GPL for terms).

Note that these binaries may not be up-to-date. If you encounter a problem, please obtain the sources and compile them to determine if the problem has been corrected before filing a bug report.

Currently available binaries

Linux (x86) (includes NETFILES support)

Mac OS/X (Darwin) (includes NETFILES support)

MS-Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (includes NETFILES support)

Older binaries

Binaries listed below are not currently maintained; no updates are planned (although contributed binaries are always welcome).

HP-UX 11 (PA-RISC) (no NETFILES support)

MS-DOS and 16-bit MS-Windows (compiled from the older DB software package; no NETFILES support)

MS-Windows 95/98/NT/2000 (no NETFILES support)

Solaris (Sparc) (includes NETFILES support)

SunOS (SPARC) (compiled from the older DB software package; no NETFILES support)

If your operating system does not appear in this list, no binaries are currently available for it. This does not mean that PhysioToolkit software won't run on your operating system, however! With few exceptions, PhysioToolkit software is written in highly portable C and should be usable in any environment for which an ANSI/ISO (or K&R) C compiler is available. If you don't have a C compiler, try gcc, a high-quality, free, and open-source compiler for a vast number of operating systems and CPU types.

Your contributions are welcome! If you have up-to-date binaries for any of the PhysioToolkit software, especially for an operating system or CPU not represented above, please contact us to arrange for your binaries to be posted here.

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