PhysioToolkit binaries for MS-Windows 95/98/NT/2000

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The bin subdirectory contains binaries compiled from sources in the WFDB Software Package, version 10.1.2, under MS-Windows NT 4.0 (without NETFILES support at this point). Note that all of these are text-mode programs that should be run within an MS-DOS window or a similar shell window. The binaries have been tested under MS-Windows NT 4.0 (with service pack 3), and some have also been tested under MS-Windows 95 and 98. They should also work under MS-Windows 2000 but have not been tested in that environment. It is possible that these binaries may work under MS-Windows 3.x with the Win32 compatibility libraries, but this has not been tested, either. If you have an older (16-bit) version of MS-Windows, use the MS-DOS binaries rather than these.

Be sure to download bin/cygwin1.dll and install it in a directory in your PATH. The directory in which you install the other binaries is a good choice. This library is needed in order to run these binaries, which were compiled using the free Cygwin development system, version B20, of which cygwin1.dll is a component. Note that cygwin1.dll may be redistributed freely with any binaries that use it, provided that sources for those binaries are also distributed freely. The sources for the binaries in this directory are available here.

If you have installed Cygwin, the *.h files in include/wfdb and the static WFDB library in lib can be used when compiling your own applications that use the WFDB library.

Reports of success or failure in running any of these binaries under NT or other versions of 32-bit MS-Windows would be appreciated, as would contributions of additional binaries with NETFILES support. Please send your comments to

A user has kindly contributed a version of the WFDB library, compiled using MS Visual C++ 6.0 under MS Windows NT as a 32-bit DLL (find it in libms60). None of the other binaries here are compatible with this DLL, so if you use it, you must be prepared to compile your own binaries with MSVC 6.0 (or a binary-compatible compiler). This DLL uses the WFDB environment variable, and was compiled from the WFDB 10.0.0 sources (without NETFILES support).

Although it has not been compiled for 32-bit MS-Windows, you may also wish to try the 16-bit wview binary available here. This binary is known to work under MS-Windows 3.1/95/98 and NT 4.0.

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