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This directory contains sources for the World Wide Web Consortium's libwww libraries, which optionally may be linked together with the WFDB library to allow applications to read annotated, digitized signals directly from web (HTTP) and FTP servers without the use of a web browser or FTP client. For convenience, precompiled binaries are available for several popular platforms.

The last release of libwww was in mid-2002. We currently use and recommend libcurl as a modern and more capable alternative, especially if you are developing new software, since libcurl has extensive documentation and an active development community.

Note that the libwww libraries may already be installed on your system. Try running the command

        libwww-config --version
If the libwww package is installed, this command will print its version number (e.g., "5.4.0"). In this case, we do not recommend upgrading to a newer version unless you encounter problems related to libwww.

[FreeBSD] [GNU/Linux] [Mac OS X (Darwin)] [MS-Windows] [Solaris/SunOS] [Other platforms] [Sources]

FreeBSD binaries

The FreeBSD port of libwww is available from the FreeBSD Project.

GNU/Linux binaries

If you need to install libwww under Linux, choose a set of RPMs from those listed below, download them, and install them using a command such as:

	rpm -Uvh w3c-libwww-*

Mac OS X

A precompiled version of libwww is available through the Fink project, which is a library of open source software ported to Mac OS X, along with tools to manage installation and updating. It is available at http://fink.sourceforge.net. Also available is a GUI package management tool, Fink Commander, that makes the use of Fink much easier (http://finkcommannder.sourceforge.net/).

MS-Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Version 5.4.0 has been precompiled for MS-Windows and is available for use with:


All of these have been compiled from the version 5.2.8 sources:

Other platforms

If your operating system and CPU combination does not appear in this list, no binaries are currently available for it. You may wish to check the W3C's libwww pages for updates, and for binaries for other operating systems.

Your contributions are welcome! If you have created working libwww libraries for other operating systems or CPUs, please contact us to arrange for your binaries to be posted here.

libwww sources

Sources for version 5.4.0 are available here:

Under Linux, MS-Windows (with Cygwin/gcc), or Unix, download the source archive, unpack, compile, and install it using the commands:
	tar xfvz w3c-libwww-5.4.0.tar.gz
	cd w3c-libwww-5.4.0
	./configure --with-zlib
	make install

Much more detailed installation notes, including information about compiling libwww using proprietary compilers, are available on the W3C's web site.

Older versions

If you are compiling libwww from sources, we recommend using version 5.4.0 (above). The older versions are those that were compiled to produce several of the binary versions available below.

Sources for version 5.3.2 (December 2000) are available here:

Sources for version 5.2.8 (April 1999) are available here:

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