Challenge 2011 Simulated Data

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PhysioNet/CINC 2011 Simulated Data

The files sim.tar.gz and contain a pilot dataset provided for testing and development purposes (no quality information is provided in this set). Each record is at least 10 seconds long. The signals are stored in both text (CSV) and WFDB format. The records can also be downloaded individually or examined using the PhysioBank ATM. There are 39 records (labeled "ecg_x") and a Note.txt file describing each record condition (also pasted below). The signals were acquired with the following parameters:

Simulated Conditions

  1. Normal 30 BPM
  2. Normal 80 BPM
  3. Normal 220 BPM
  4. Normal Pediatric with QRS of 40 ms
  5. Frequent multifocal rhythm
  6. Ventricular Tachycardia
  7. Quadrigeminy
  8. Bigeminy
  9. Trigeminy
  10. Supraventricular tachycardia
  11. Ventricular Fibrillation
  12. Nodal Rhythm
  13. Asystole
  14. NSR with irregular rhythm
  15. Atrial Tachycardia
  16. Atrial flutter
  17. Coarse atrial fibrillation
  18. Fine atrial fibrillation
  19. SVTA onset following a few seconds of NSR
  20. 1st degree heart block
  21. 2nd degree heart block (Mobitz II, 2:1 conduction)
  22. 3rd degree heart block
  23. Pacemaker
  24. Left bundle branch block
  25. ST elevation of 0.6 mV
  26. ST elevation of 0.2 mV
  27. ST depression of 0.2 mV
  28. ST depression of 0.6 mV (in lead I)
  29. Nonfunction Pacemaker
  30. Pacemaker with occasional sinus beats
  31. Pacemaker rhytm with frequent sinus beats
  32. Atrial-Ventricular sequential pacemaker rhythm
  33. 50 Hz artifact
  34. 60 Hz artifact
  35. Muscle artifact
  36. Baseline wandering artifact
  37. Respiration artifact
  38. Normal 80 BPM with RA and LA swapped electrodes
  39. Normal 80 BPM with RA and RL swapped electrodes