The Help Topics window

Open this window using \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Help~} in WAVE 's main window.

Each of the buttons in this window, except for the last two described below, opens a help file in a scrollable text window. Use the \ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Print~} button in each window to get a paper copy of the help file if you wish. The on-line manual for WAVE includes many of these files verbatim.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Introduction~}
A quick introduction to WAVE 's features.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Buttons~}
A summary of the functions of the buttons in WAVE 's main control panel and pop-up windows.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Annotation Editing~}
A summary of annotation editing procedures.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~WAVE Logs~}
How to create and review WAVE log files.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Printing~}
Methods for printing annotated signals from WAVE .

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Analysis~}
Using and customizing the Analyze window.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Resources~}
WAVE -specific X11 resources.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~What's new~}
Recent changes in WAVE .

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Frequently asked questions~}
Common questions about WAVE (answers, too!).

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~User's Guide~}
Click on this button to begin reading this guide in a web browser window. By default, WAVE uses Mozilla. To configure WAVE to use a different browser, see WAVE and the web.

\ovalbox{\rule[-.3mm]{0cm}{2.5mm}\small\sf ~Quit from Help~}
Press this button to dismiss the Help Topics window.

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