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A Database to Support Development and Evaluation of Intelligent Intensive Care Monitoring

George B. Moody and Roger G. Mark

Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
Cardiology Division, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA, USA

This article originally appeared in Computers in Cardiology 23:657-660, 1996. Please cite this publication when referencing this material. The data on which this article is based may be found here.


Development and evaluation of automated decision support systems requires large amounts of well-characterized, reproducible test data. The MIMIC (Multi-parameter Intelligent Monitoring for Intensive Care) Database is intended to meet these needs. The database, currently nearing completion, will include 100 patient records, each typically containing between 24 and 48 hours of continuous data recorded from patient monitors in the medical, surgical, and cardiac intensive care units of Boston's Beth Israel Hospital. Each record will be accompanied by detailed clinical data derived from the patient's medical record and from the hospital's on-line medical information systems. We select patients to record from those likely to be hemodynamically unstable during the planned recording period. We expect to complete the selection of the recordings to be included in the database by the end of 1996, and to make the database available to other researchers shortly thereafter.

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