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wfdb-config - print WFDB library version and configuration info


wfdb-config [ --cflags ] [ --libs ] [ --version ]


This program prints information about the WFDB library installation. Use it with one of these options:
Print options needed by cc(1) or gcc(1) to find the WFDB library’s ’include’ (*.h) files.
Print options needed by cc(1) , gcc(1) , or ld(1) to find and link a program with the WFDB library (and, if NETFILES support is compiled into the WFDB library, with the libwww libraries).
Print the version number of the most recent version of the WFDB library that has been installed.


To compile prog.c with the WFDB library, use:
   gcc ‘wfdb-config --cflags‘ prog.c ‘wfdb-config --libs‘

Additional options may be added to the command if needed (for example, to link to other libraries).


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