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sampfreq - show sampling frequency for a record


sampfreq [ option ] record


This program shows the sampling frequency (in samples per second per signal) for the specified record. A record may contain multiple signals sampled at different frequencies; in this case, the signals are stored in frames each containing at least one sample of each signal, and (by default, if no option is specified) sampfreq shows the number of frames per second. This is the number of samples per second returned for each signal when the record is read using the WFDB library function getvec in standard (low-resolution) mode; see rdsamp(1) , for example.

If specified, the option may be one of:

List all signals in the record and their respective sampling frequencies.
Print a usage summary.
Show the highest frequency used for any signal in a multi-frequency record. This is the number of samples per second returned by getvec when the record is read in high-resolution mode; see rdsamp(1) , for example.


It may be necessary to set and export the shell variable WFDB (see setwfdb(1) ).


header file

See Also

rdsamp(1) , setwfdb(1)


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