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rdedfann - extract annotations from an EDF+ file


rdedfann -r edffile [ options ... ]


This program prints the annotations from an EDF+ file in the same format as rdann does for WFDB-compatible annotation files.

Options include:

-F frequency
Set the sampling frequency to frequency (in Hz).
Print a brief usage summary.
Verbose mode (print column headings).
Print EDF+ annotation text in ’aux’ rather than ’anntyp’ column.

Note that the annotation mnemonics in EDF+ files do not in general match those used in WFDB-compatible annotation files, so that it will often be desirable to translate those that come from EDF+ files before converting the text with wrann. For example, this command can be used to extract annotations from foo.edf, change the EDF+ annotation type "QRS" to the WFDB type "N", and then produce a WFDB-compatible annotation file foo.edf.qrs:
rdedfann -r foo.edf | sed s/QRS/N/ | wrann -r foo.edf -a qrs

Recent versions of wrann copy unrecognized mnemonics into the aux field, setting the annotation type to NOTE, so it is no longer essential to translate mnemonics as described above before processing rdedfann’s output with wrann.


It may be necessary to set and export the shell variable WFDB (see setwfdb(1) ).


This program is provided in the convert directory of the WFDB Software Package. Run make in that directory to compile and install it if it has not been installed already.

See Also

Full specification of EDF+, by Bob Kemp and Jesus Olivan.


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