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function varargout=rdmimic2wave(varargin)


 Output Parameters:

       Nx1 vector of doubles representing time in minutes if a match is
       found, otherwise tm is empty. The time of the first index is an offset 
       from beginMinute. So that the total duration in minutes is:

       tm(end) - tm(1) = endMinute - beginMinute

       And the time of the clinical event (clinicalTimeStamp) in the waveform signal is given by
       (to the closest minute):

       timeStamp = tm(1) + beginMinute

       NxM vector of doubles representing the signals from dataType that
       match the timeStamp. If no match is found an empty matrix is

 Optional Ouput:

       A 1x1 double representing the sampling frequency (in Hz).

       A Lx1 double specifying a list of valid subjectIDs  or matched record. You can use this
       field to find which IDs are in the matched waveform list (see below). If the
       subjectID is defined in the function signature, recList will be
       equal to the first found matched record if it exists.

       A Mx1 structure containing meta information about the waverforms in the 'signal' output. 

 Input Parameters:

       A 1x1 Double specifying a valid MIMIC II subject ID. For a list
       of valid subjectID with matched waveform use this to query:


       Once you have a valid subjectID and pass it to RDMIMI2WAVE, recList
       will return the string name of the first matched record if any (empty otherwise).

      String specifying the clinical  time of the event. This string
      should have the following format (as described in :


           YYYY = surrogate year
           MM = month (01-12)
           DD = day (01-31)
           hh = real hour (00-23)
           mm = minute (00-59)

 dataType (Optional)
     String specifying what time of high resolution waveform to fetch.
     Options are: 'numerics' and 'waveform'. Default is 'numerics'.

 beginMinute (Optional)
     1x1 Double specifying time in minutes of
     how much of the signal to get before clinicalTimeStamp occured.
     Default is 60 minutes.

 endMinute (Optional)
     1x1 Double specifying time in minutes of
     how much of the signal to get after clinicalTimeStamp occured.
     Default is 60 minutes.

 % Example:
title(['Found data in record: ' recList]) 

 Written by Ikaro Silva, 2013
 Last Modified: December 1, 2014

 Version 1.1

 Since 0.9.0

 See also rdsamp, wfdbdesc